kCS IceRuler 0.91

kCS IceRuler 0.91
simple ICE Based Measuring plugin
compatible XSI 7.0 and above

Measuring Tool
      3 Distance Ruler, 1 Protracto
      Distance Measuring
      Ratio Measuring
      Axial Component Measuring
      Angle Measuring

Targeting Tool
     This is a tiny tool trying to help in the modeling and animation tasks if
     high accuracy is needed.
     Help to find the correct position of the points or object in 3d space.

     Rotate source vector around
      - Start Point ,End Point,Ref Point,Ref Vector
     by Rotation Axis
     - Global X-Y-Z , Ref Vector and Up to Ref Point
     and then Find Distance in the new vector from
     - Source and Target Vector Points ,Ref Point and Ref Vector closes point.

      Softimage Unit or Metric system
      Fixed or Automatic Metric Prefix
      Lock the Ruler pose to viewport Cam or Axis
      Set Font Scale and Minimal Size
      Customize the ruler Color , Size and Looks
      Save your Most Used settings to Startup Preset

Author: Zoltán Ócsai
Email: zoltan.ocsai.vfx@gmail.com
Web : http://zoltanocsai.blogspot.hu
Forum :  SI-Community
License : Freeware

                       -----   Download file :  kCS IceRuler 0.91 addons     -----

                                                kCS IceRuler 0.91b addons 
                                           !!! only works 2011 and above !!!
                                      just a quick fix to speed up the load time
                                  ( temporaly turn off IceTree cyrcle checking ) 

                            This plugin is distributed in the hope that will be useful
                          WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK

                                          This plugin is in a very early stage.
                                              Please feel free to contact me
                           Any suggestions, comments or criticism are welcome !

If you find this plugin useful Please support the project.THANKS !!